Deboleena's Bio

Deboleena Dutta is the founder and CEO of HerbNZest, an artisanal and natural line of sauces and chutneys that inspire easy, gourmet meals. As an avid traveler and foodie, Deb relishes her food and cultural experiences in over 20 countries including fresh sushi at the Tokyo fish market, steaming goulash at the Central Market in Hungary, and coconut water on the streets of Belize. HerbNZest offers a new twist on gourmet food with condiments that highlight unique flavors inspired by Deb’s multicultural experiences such as Fennel Saffron Pumpkin Butter and Basil Peach Raisin Chutney. The condiments are easy, and versatile enough to build healthy everyday meals around or showcase on special occasions. For instance, her suggestions include pumpkin goat-cheese ravioli using her pumpkin butter and peach iced tea using her peach chutney, with a prep time of 5-15 minutes. Through HerbNZest's website, products, and recipes, Deb hopes to inspire people to create good food that fits their lifestyle. She also started New-Jersey-Foodies to discover and share local food events/purveyors with other food lovers. Deb has an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and 10 years of experience spanning investment banking, private equity, and grassroots microfinance. She credits her knowledge of food, business, and life to an endless quest for the new and the different. You can check out and reach Deb @HerbNZest