Soaking Up the Summer Sun: 5 Kid Friendly Activities + Snacks

Edited By Deb Dutta

When you think back to your summers as a child, you probably remember your carefree nature: running around without a care in the world! Do you recall the food? I instantly associate different foods with different childhood activities. For instance, remembering my afternoons at a fair or amusement park instantly brings me back to memories of hot funnel cakes and rock candy. Remembering the tastes and smells make those memories of activities so much sweeter!

So while you’re soaking up the sun with your kids this summer, remember to include some fun memorable snacks to go with it. Here are 5 ideas that are not only fun but they can be made right at home: and 1, 2 and 3 have real fruit!

1. Swimming + Watermelon

If you’re at the beach or pool, there’s most likely a food bar somewhere close selling a whole lot of candy and fried treats. But if you have fresh, sweet watermelon on hand, you might be able to bypass the road to junk food! You can make the watermelon a little more enticing by cutting it into fun shapes and sprinkling them with sprinkles like this blogger did here.

2. Water Balloons + Fruit Infused Water

And don’t forget to hydrate when you're running around in the sun. Use these great ideas to infuse water with real fruits to make it more fun and colorful for kids to enjoy with their summer activities.

3. Sidewalk Chalk + Popsicles

When you’re sitting out on concrete for hours on end, it tends to get a little hot. Make your own popsicles with fruit to reduce the amount of sugar.

4. Camping + S’Mores

When was the last time your kids completely disconnected for enough time to enjoy the great outdoors? And it’s not camping without a campfire and marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker. Put together a s’mores station but please read through these fire safety tips for children first.   We found this awesome S'More recipe for our vegan friends to enjoy!

5. Manhunt + Dirt Cups

When your kids are running around in the backyard, hiding away for a game of manhunt, hide some worms in their pudding! Make dirt cups in small individual cups to ensure portion control. Your kids will dig them. Lastly, have plenty of wet naps ready for all activities and water for hydration.

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