7 Tips to Eating Healthy during your Vacation

VacationMost of us are guilty of this – when we are on vacation, we put our diet on vacation as well. And whether we're on a strict diet or generally eat healthy, we cave when we see a funnel cake stand or one of those crazy burger joints. And even if we have good self-control, sometimes it seems like there are only unhealthy options around us.

You'll be happy to know that it is possible to explore new cuisines and still stay on a healthy path if you follow these 7 simple tips:

1. Prior to vacation, don’t deprive yourself

If the month leading up to your vacation all you eat is salad, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Let yourself have the things that you like, and you won’t be as likely to feel like you need them when you’re on vacation.

2. Order off the menu

It may seem like that restaurant only has heavy, fried foods on the menu, but sometimes if you just ask they may be able to whip up something a little healthier for you.

3. Portion control to the rescue!

Did you know that the average portion of a meal at a restaurant can feed multiple people? Opt to split a meal with someone in your family, and only eat until you’re full. Ordering an appetizer for your meal is also a great way to avoid food overload! Especially stay aware of how much alcohol or sugary drinks you are consuming with food.

4. Go off the beaten path

If you look around and all you see is fast food joints and chain sit-down restaurants, do some research and find a local café or locally owned restaurant. These often offer healthier meal options and use fresher, local ingredients. I recommend doing restaurant research prior to travel so you can talk to people who have been there and find out the best places to eat.

5. Treat yourself once a day

How can you travel to Paris without trying their crepes?  Or tacos in Mexico? Or the kids want to stop and have Dairy Queen on the ride home from your beach vacation. Allow yourself one “splurge” but keep the rest of your meals healthy the rest of the time. And when you do decide to treat yourself, see #3 ;)

6. Only eat when you’re hungry

Don’t just munch the day away. Not only will you ruin your healthy eating regime, you’ll most likely feel uncomfortable from being so stuffed and you won’t be able to enjoy yourself!

7. Follow your general health rules: drink water and walk! Drink plenty of water and make sure you’re still getting in your servings of fruits and veggies. It will make meals seem more filling and satisfying! Also, walking is not only a great way to get exercise during vacations but also a great way to explore a new place: find the local hole-in-the-wall café, street art, or market! And finally, you're on vacation so have fun knowing that these simple guidelines will help you stay on a healthy track when you get back!

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