DIY Holiday Food Gift Baskets: How to Make Personalized Gifts for Foodies in your Life

Putting together your own gift basket is more thoughtful than just buying one. When you put it together yourself you can choose foods you know the person will enjoy, foods that are associated with certain memories that you share, and little personal touches that make it a considerate gift! And you don’t need to be an expert DIY-er to put together something nice.

Here’s how you can put together your own food basket just in time for the gift-giving season:

1. Make smart selections and pick pairings with personality

It’s typical for gift baskets to have a theme, but you don’t have to be stringent with it. Gift baskets can have as little as 2-3 items and as many as 15-20! Just remember, the more items you choose the more complicated it will be to store them safely. A good starting place is 5-6 items; that way you can incorporate a theme without going overboard. You can include a mix of perishable and non-perishable items, but don’t load it up with things that will go bad in a few days. You want the gift to last!


Sweets Basket: artisanal chocolate and candies, jelly, hot cocoa mix, chocolate covered fruit

Wine & Cheese basket: wine, monogrammed wine glasses, wine charms, cheese, and items that pair well with cheese like nuts, chutneys, crackers, salami

Cooking Basket: unique herbs and salts, flavored oils and balsamic and cool/unusual cooking tools

Tea/Coffee Basket: a variety of teas and coffees, a fun coffee cup, biscottis, biscuits, flavored syrups, milk frother

2. Baskets versus bags

Baskets are sturdier and a good way to display all the pretty gifts. If your items aren’t heavy, a bag is a good option because you can layer items without worrying about anything being squished. Something like wine would go better in a bag, where as crackers would be better in a basket. And if you think outside the basket, you can use home cooking gear like colanders, mixing bowls, or zinc wine bins to hold the items. This adds value to the gift and makes it look great!

Gift basket/container examples:

Gift bag examples:

3. Fill your gift

Shopping for products to fill your basket with, now that’s the fun part! Here is a list of online markets that sell a variety of artisanal foods that you won’t typically find at your local grocery store:

And if you’re looking to save money on shipping (which can add up!) try picking local producers to create a unique basket (the only caveat being they may not have a high shelf life.)

4. Make it pretty

Pick a basket/bag that the gift receiver can re-use somewhere in their home and stylize it with festive ribbons/bows, confetti, tissue paper, dried flowers, sequins, what have you! The look of the basket should reflect what’s inside. Take inspiration from Pinterest and Google to put together something really attractive.

Good luck putting your basket together, and remember to include your favorite HerbNZest spread!

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