Getting Around the Shopping Frenzy: How to Plan Ahead to Host your Successful Holiday Party!
Isn’t it amazing how some people can pull off hosting a fabulous party of 30 guests at their house so effortlessly? The truth is, its not really effortless! In fact there is months of strategy that goes into planning a holiday feast. Behind that tidy apron and delicious meal is a well-thought out plan to organizing for the day. So don’t be so quick to envy your neighbor, because they put a lot of hard work into a holiday that goes off without a hitch. But you can get in the same boat with them and keep your guests smiling too! Just follow this timeline. One Month Ahead
  • Prepare your guest list, collect information on special diets and plan your menu for allergen and diet needs. It may seem like a long time in advance, but the sooner you get it into your head that you have a feast to prepare, the better. Plus your efforts in making the nut-free, dairy-free dessert will not go un-noticed by your cousin.  Your guests will thank you your thoughtfulness!
  • Check to see that you have sufficient plates and cutlery for all your guests.
  • Order any special menu items that are mail ordered to allow for longer shipping time.
Two Weeks Ahead
  • Purchase Non-Perishables. Canned goods, hardy vegetables, dried spices & herbs, frozen ingredients, and juices can all be purchased ahead of time. For a helpful, printable shopping list, click here.
 One Week Ahead
  • Clear Out Your Fridge. Make way for big casserole dishes and dessert! If you only have one refrigerator, you’re going to have to free up as much space as you can to fit all your ingredients and prepared make-ahead dishes like stuffing’s and casseroles. To keep your fridge organized, to make the space as efficient as possible and to keep your ingredients from cross contaminating, follow this guide.
  • Take out holiday decorations.
  • Check to see that your place settings and linen are clean.
Five Days Ahead
  • Purchase Perishable Groceries. Poultry, fresh produce, eggs, cheese and seafood should be purchased no more than 5 days out from the day you plan on entertaining. Typically the grocery stores are crazy the day or two before a major holiday, but thankfully you have purchased all your non-perishable items weeks ago so you can make a quick in-and-out trip and checkout in the 15 items or less aisle! 
One Day Ahead
  • Prep your food items (marinate, chop, knead, soak)
  • Give your home a clean-over. Put away toys, extra shoes or anything that will get in the way of having fun with your guests!
And finally, here’s a handy mini-checklist to summarize during the hectic holiday prep.  

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