FIFA World Cup Soccer Snacks (on and off the field)
It seems like everywhere you go these days, the World Cup Soccer tournaments are on the television. With hordes of people huddled around watching every move it’s hard not to get sucked into the excitement! Have you been following the games? And where will you be on July 13th for the final showdown? FIFASoccer For me, the excitement comes from watching the different cultures from all over the world. We may not all speak the same language and we may call it by different names, “soccer" or “football”, but we all display the same passion for this worldwide sport. If you or someone you know is hosting a viewing party, or you have been spending more time out on the soccer field with your family, here are some snack ideas to kick around ;) Coxinha The first snack on our list had to be something from Brazil, the host of the World Cup. These little chicken snacks are a traditional and delicious treat you’d find on the streets, a celebratory alternative to nuggets for when you’re viewing the games. Soccer-mole Using merely 3 ingredients, avocados, spring onions and horseradish, Nigella makes a favorite version of guacamole. You can add your own twist to guacamole to go with your favorite chips. We made a sweet and spicy version using avocados, HerbNZest Chipotle Cranberry Orange Relish, jalapano, lime juice, salt and cilantro. You can even add this guacamole on our fish taco recipe! Feast of a Field Goaaaaaal!!!! This adorable 5-layer dip is a major score, one the kids will love to help make and eat. Talk about a win-win. World “Fruit” Cup This festive fruit cup idea is a fun way to make a healthy fruit cup seem a little more appealing. My tip would be to incorporate some exotic fruits from around the world (one from each team!) to really bring the cultural appeal of the world cup to your party. Vitamina de abacate Everyone may be catching on to the smoothie craze, but we bet you’ve never had a “Vitamina de abacate” before. This is a sweet Brazilian smoothie made with avocados and milk. I bet it would be tasty made with coconut water as well, another popular drink in Brazil. These are both healthy ways to hydrate before or after a big soccer game.

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