Holidays with a Twist (of spice that is)!
Imagine a world without spice… everything would be so… blah! So it’s safe to assume that the holidays without classic spices like cinnamon, and nutmeg, wouldn’t be very merry at all. But have you tried to incorporate unusual spices or use the same spices to add a twist to your Holiday Meals? Try adding one new spice to each meal this holiday season. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised!
Holiday Table
Salad Course: Ginger

When you think of ginger, you may think of sweet dishes like gingerbread cookies (the classic holiday cookie) but ginger is a very versatile spice. Present in our Chipotle Cranberry Orange Relish, ginger’s warm, slightly woody flavor makes it great in savory dishes as well. Try it rubbed on turkey(like the 15 pounder you may be getting for Thanksgiving) or in this beautiful garden salad recipe.

Soup Course: Saffron Some people find it difficult to explain the actual flavor of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. The only real way to find out what saffron tastes like is to try it yourself! Some say it has an aromatic and slightly bitter quality. For this reason it does a wonderful job of balancing out the flavors in our Fennel Saffron Pumpkin Butter; and you’ll have no problem tasting it in our recipe for Fennel Pumpkin Soup.

Holiday Spice

Appetizer Round: Cardamom:When you taste cardamom you may be reminded of an orangey flavor, making it a great spice for savory and sweet dishes – especially breads and coffee cakes. If you’re looking for savory uses this holiday season, spice up your lamb chops with cardamom, cinnamon and cumin for a real kick.

Entrée: Star Anise You’ve probably seen this pretty star-shaped spice before but have you tasted it? Most commonly present in Asian dishes, star anise might remind you of fennel’s flavor. It adds much depth to recipes, such as this one for braised brisket with plums, star anise and port. Dessert: Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg You know and love these flavors well, no doubt. They are present in every pumpkin pie and every oatmeal raisin cookie worth its salt. If you really are looking for a treat, try this recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Dutch Babies.

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