3 Tips to add fun and adventure to your Super Bowl Tailgate Party!
football tailgateFootball season is here and even though I must admit, I’m not much of a football enthusiast, but I love any excuse for a good party! Last year for the Super bowl we went a less traditional, more exciting route with the menu and made crostini with pesto, fresh tomatoes and Burrata and a healthy version of white bean and artichoke dip (without mayo!). Everyone loved the nice change from the customary food practices, so I thought I might share my tips to plan a great party with some easy, fun surprises that will have everyone talking! Tailgating is always fun, but preparing food, packing it up and then finding a way to enjoy it out of the back of your car isn’t! UnlessTailgating party you have the right tools and tips at your disposal, that is. What makes a good party? Good company and good food! So if you have the first checked off your list, let’s move on to the latter… Tip 1. Make it more adventurous and fun: Don’t settle for a bag of chips and dip for your next tailgate or football viewing party! Tailgating Food doesn’t have to be junk food! Instead, you can create fun and healthier snacks but have your guests asking “how did you do this? “If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, a lot more flavorful and unquestionably healthier than sour cream dip, HerbNZest is a refreshing alternative. You can enjoy the condiments as a healthier dip alternative for veggies, crackers and pretzels or in the recipes listed below or browse our Easy Recipe Tool <link here> for ideas. Tip 2. Pick recipes that are easily pulled together: The majority of prep work can be done at home, so these recipes are easy to pull together in the back of a car. Avoid snack ingredients that will be cumbersome to carry or need to be refrigerated. HerbNZest condiments are an easy on-the-go-option. And since you don’t need to refrigerate them until they’re open, they won’t take up room in the cooler. Tip 3. Use recipes that can be enjoyed at room temperature and do not need to be reheated. If you are ever unsure about food safety consumption, follow this rule of thumb: Refrigerate perishable foods within2 hours at 40 degrees or below. If you’re enjoying the game from the comfort of your own home, you can afford to get a little more creative with your finger food. Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Topped with Peach Chutney These sweet and savory stuffed mushrooms are ready in less than 30 minutes and by the time you get to the game they’ll be the perfect temperature. Curried Slow Cooked Pulled Pork No tailgate is complete without pulled pork. A majority of the prep work for this dish can be done at home, so all you have to do it pull together the components later! And the curry spice adds a delicious twist to traditional pulled pork. Pumpkin Cheese Balls with a Spicy Pumpkin Sauce What does football and pumpkins have in common? They’re both big fall favorites amongst everyone! Pumpkin cheese balls are finger food at its best. So as you get ready to plan your Super bowl party, keep these easy tips in mind and be the creative star! To help you through this process, we are offering free shipping on our condiment trio set. *** SAVE BIG WITH OUR HOLIDAY TRIO PRE-ORDER GIFT SET. Get all three flavors: Curry Pumpkin Pesto, Chipotle Cranberry Orange Relish and our Caramelized Apple Champagne Mustard for a discounted price of $20 plus shipping. Moreover, any purchases over $49 on our website has free shipping through 12/31/13. This is your chance to try them all – or purchase them for a foodie friend or as a hostess gift for the Holiday parties.***

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