Food Revolution Day Idea: Four Easy Meals Deconstructed
  [caption id="attachment_1223" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Vegan Garden Salad with Cranberry Orange Vinaigrette"]Vegan Garden Salad with Cranberry Orange Vinaigrette[/caption] Today, May 17, 2013  is Food Revolution Day, a concept originating from Chef Jamie Oliver's T.V. show and now growing into a revolution with the motto "COOK IT. SHARE IT. LIVE IT." We, at HerbNZest believe in celebrating food, having fun preparing it, sharing it with family and friends. With some good ingredients, simple steps, and some creativity, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Here's our take on how to create some easy, fun meals in your own kitchen. Meals can be easy to make when you deconstruct them into simple parts and then bring them together to create a full meal. This allows for DIY-ness and creativity in preparing meals to suit your pallet or preference. This also allows you to substitute  some pre-prepared or store bought components to simplify and save time! For instance, Sandwiches = Bread + Cheese + Spread + Vegetable + Meat/Protein For sandwiches or wraps, you can get really creative by switching up the different components to make easy lunches and dinners. The spread, bread and cheese are typically store bought and can be changed around to have fun. RECIPE: Double Smoked Ham and Swiss with Chive Tomato Relish  Salads = Leafy Greens + Veggies/Fruit + Protein + Dressing For salads, it is important to select fresh produce that are in season. An easy dressing can be created using a fruit spread as a base and adding home made vinaigrette to it. Again, the possibilities to be creative are endless. RECIPE: Vegan Garden Salad with Cranberry Orange Dressing RECIPE: Champagne Mustard Vinaigrette with Caramelized Apples Soups = Base +Veggies+ Meat/Protein +Pasta/Noodles You could come up with very different types of soups by just varying the different components: clear base with veggies or a denser corn or lentil soup. You can use a canned soup such as cream of mushroom or a vegetable or chicken stock for your base instead of making one. RECIPE: Black-Eyed Peas Soup with Vegetables Pasta or Rice or Couscous = Pasta or Rice or Couscous + Sauce or Spices +Protein Here it is important to make the rice, pasta or couscous al dente. The sauce can be added on top for flavoring whereas the spices can be mixed on during the cooking process. Veggies can be added in to make it a meal. RECIPE: Seafood Linguini

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