Quick ideas to a flavorful meal: save time and work less
When you're pressed for time (not to mention exhausted from your 12 hour work day), you can save precious preparation time with some store purchases. Here are some quick ideas to use our condiments with store-bought easy-to prepared items to quickly create a flavorful snack or meal. Craving some flavor? Add HerbNZest Chive Tomato Relish to 1. store bought veggie or meat burger  or scrambled eggs as a relish 2. pasta as a sauce 3. chips as a dip Sweet Tooth anyone? Add HerbNZest Basil Peach Raisin Chutney to 1. store bought rotisserie chicken as a topping 2. brie and crackers as an appetizer Add HerbNZest Chipotle Cranberry Orange Sauce over 1. store bought sliced ham or turkey as a sauce Need something mild yet exquisite? Add HerbNZest Fennel Saffron Pumpkin Butter to 1. store bought frozen goat cheese ravioli as a sauce 2. veggie soup pack slow-cooked for 2 hours as a base  

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